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Akash Banyard Millet (Kuthiraivali) Noodles 180 g

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Barnyard Millet (Kuthiraivali) Noodles is a healthy alternative for regular rice noodles. It is called with different names in different languages. Some of them are:

Barnyard millet is also known as Sanwa in Hindi, Shyama in Bengali, Moraiyo in Gujarati, Oodalu in Kannada, Kuthiraivalli in Tamil, Udalu in Telugu and Kavadapullu in Malayalam.

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No Artificial Flavour, No Preservatives, No added MSG
Not Oil Fried
No need to drain water during cooking
Healthy, tasty, 100% natural and Vegetarian
Easy to digest and suitable for all ages
Delicious tastemaker included in the pack
Made in India


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