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Varagu in Tamil, Kodra in Hindi, Harka in Kannada, and Arikelu in Telugu are all names for kodo millet. It’s also used to render Kheer, a traditional sweet delicacy.

Alternative Names:

Varagu poha | Varagu aval

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How to Use Organics Kodo Millet Flakes (Poha) – Varagu Aval

Kodo Millet flakes kheer
Kodo Millet flakes khichdi
Kodo Millet flakes Dosa
Kodo Millet flakes pongal

Organics Kodo Millet Flakes (Poha) – Varagu Aval Benefits

Millets help you feel fuller quicker, stop binge eating, and finally assist in healthy fat control. Millets, which are innately full of fibre, can assist with incontinence, burps, bloating, and stomach pain.
Ingesting millets helps in the regulation of glucose levels and assists in the recovery of dermal injuries by the utilisation of antioxidant properties.
Millets are adequate in magnesium, it is recognized to benefit cardiovascular health. It lowers blood pressure. One of the best ways to protect your heart health is to reduce your BP and optimise your systemic circulation.
Millet antioxidants have a positive effect on reducing oxidative stress, which can increase the risk of cancer, and also tidying up other toxins, like those discovered in the kidney and liver.
Also, it enables less joint and thigh pain and the adjustment of a menstruation of women’s cycle.


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