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Barnyard millet is effective for diabetics due to its high magnesium and mineral content. It also helps to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol.
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Alternative Names:

Kuthiraivali Poha | Udalu

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How To Use High Fibre Barnyard Millet Flakes (Poha)

Barnyard Millet Flakes Upma
Barnyard Millet Flakes Idli/Dosa
Barnyard Millet Flakes Kheer

High Fibre Barnyard Millet Flakes (Poha) Benefits

Barnyard millet Flakes is a great source of essential, highly digestible food that helps you feel gentle and energised after consuming it.
It is a high-fibre food with a healthy balance of insoluble and soluble fragments.
A food’s dietary fibre content facilitates the preventative measures of digestive problems, surplus gas, abdominal discomfort, and extraneous cramping.
Millets’ carbs have a high level of enzyme gelation, which enables the creation of more starch. As a result, patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes may be helped by it.
Barnyard millet Flakes enhance diabetics’ carb sensitivity even while reducing blood glucose levels.
Barnyard millet is suitable for gluten-intolerant sick people and those who prefer an allergen diet that precludes wheat, barley, or other sourdough food products.
Since millet is commonly accessible, fast to cook, and flavorful, it can simply substitute for rice, maize, and other gluten-rich grain products.


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